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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Alvaro Estrella - All In My Head

"Maybe it's all in my head"

Now this is a nice surprise! I liked Bedroom, Alvaro's Melodifestivalen entry earlier this year, though it lacked somewhat in the live performance aspect and didn't have a lot of staying power. Honestly, I didn't really expect him to come back with another single, especially one so awesome. It all starts out a little Jedward, with those clipped verses, but that chorus is one of the absolute best I've heard all year. It's so simple, yet so unbelievably effective. To my ears, it has this slightly gypsy-inspired sound, augmented into a huge singalong that sounds very European but also very accessible. God, I love it. Perfect for the summer months. If he ends up releasing an album, I need it to sound like this.

All In My Head by Alvaro Estrella on Grooveshark

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