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Friday, May 02, 2014

Michael Jackson - Love Never Felt So Good

"The night's gonna be just fine"

I count myself supremely lucky to have grown up in an era where Michael Jackson was at his peak. I feel like to so many "young people" (listen to me, talking like a grandpa), he's seen primarily as a novelty... an artist so far eclipsed by his own celebrity that he's almost a life-size cartoon or caricature. But my god, he was so much more than that. To me, there will never be another artist who can touch his late 70's to early 90's output, and that's why I get tremendously excited every time it's announced that unreleased material from his vault will see the light of day. Yeah, it's never going to be as exciting as brand new, MJ-approved releases, but I will never be able to get enough of his music. Love Never Felt So Good is Thriller-era disco, on one hand very attached to its time and, on the other, very now in its revivalist sound. There's also a "Justin Timberlake remix" available, but I've got no time for that. The original is certainly not as strong as Thriller's flawless album tracks (ie: I can see why it was left off), but that's like saying a handful of silver isn't as welcome as a handful of gold. It's all good, and I welcome every last bit of Michael's genius with open arms.

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