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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Architecture In Helsinki - I Might Survive

"I'd rather be with you"

Where did this come from? God, this is such a throwback. When I first saw the colorful video for I Might Survive, the first thing I thought was that I couldn't believe this kind of pop music was still being made. Now, Architecture In Helsinki has always been an off-kilter pop band, and one that I've wanted to enjoy much more than I have. I think their new album will change that, if it's anywhere as addictive as this track. The song sounds a little like Alphabeat, mixed with some neo-disco early 90's track mixed with some late 90's Swedish teen pop. How's that for a combo? It has a timeless feel to it that is VERY refreshing when compared to all the big dance beats ruling the airwaves right now. It's just a catchy, jolly summer pop song. Simple as that! If you like a little cheese in your music, this will be your jam.

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