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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Die Antwoord - Pitbull Terrier

"Big dog in the place to be"

I am so entrenched in international pop music. It's like a drug, and I need increasingly off-the-wall sounds to stimulate my senses. I'd heard of Die Antwoord before -- something about them being "trailer trash chic" or whatever -- but I didn't know that they were from South Africa, and I didn't know they were so damn weird. I mean, their music and videos, taken in tandem, are among the strangest things I've seen in the big-budget music scene. They're twisted, funny, offensive, needlessly aggressive, frightening and completely arresting. Reading some interviews with the band members eased my concerns a little bit. I mean, I'm certainly not a fan of gratuitous violence, homophobia or overly assaulting language, but it seems as if their is a reason, often positive, behind the group's shenanigans. I still worry about how potentially disturbed listeners may take in music like this, but that's an argument for another time. For now, I can say that I'm completely smitten with this group, particularly the incredibly charismatic female rapper, Yolandi. She is stunning to look at and to listen to, and I can't get enough of her weirdly high-pitched tone. At first, her vocals put me off, but it didn't take long to become addicted. To me, the band's instant classic is I Fink U Freeky, from their second album. Amazing stuff. From their brand new release, though, I want to spotlight the ravey, funny Pitbull Terrier, and particularly the bizarre horror-show of a music video. It's really stunningly weird, and bound to put off just as many fans as it attracts. If you're easily offended by language or violence, I'd recommend skipping this altogether.

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