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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Prides - Messiah

"Say you'll be my messiah"

It's great fun to stumble upon a band without knowing anything about them. I love being drawn in by only the music, not worrying what the group's done in the past or where they might go in the future. It was like this with Messiah, by UK band Prides. The song's got that big-sounding hybrid of synth and rock that I just love, and once it gets all chanty (think Bastille's Pompeii) towards the end, the song has well and truly clicked with me. The guys have only released four songs so far. This is the best, but I like their general sound quite a bit. They seem primed for a breakthrough, and I have a feeling that with the right single, they could find that Bastille-level success. My advice? Don't ever tone down the synths, and go for the epic and melodic. Of course, that's always my advice!!

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