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Monday, June 02, 2014

Robin - Kesärenkaat

Out of seemingly nowhere, Finnish pop star Robin has released yet another single. This time, it's not actually from his latest album. Instead, it's part of a campaign for condom use in Finland. Yes, you read that right. Scandinavia -- ever progressive Scandinavia -- has enlisted its biggest 15-year-old singer for a condom campaign. Can you imagine what FOX news would have to say about that in good ol' America? Ha! I love it. Anyways, the song (and video) is all about biking in the summer. Rough Kesärenkaat translation: "Summer tires" = summer rubber = rubbers. Get it? It's all silly but clever and also kind of fantastic. Plus, it's the second song by a Finnish pop act this year about bike riding, that's really not about bike riding at all (wink, wink). Kliff's excellent Mun Jopo is the other. Plus, the subject matter makes for a music video that's mostly breezy fun, but also kind of awkward as it reaches the 2:51 mark onwards. But, putting that all aside, the song itself is marvelous. It's a perfect summer concoction, reminiscent of Robin's 2013 smash, Boom Kah.

Kesärenkaat by Robin on Grooveshark

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