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Monday, June 09, 2014

Taeyang - Stay With Me (with G-Dragon)

YG Entertainment never disappoints. They might not release albums quite as frequently as I'd like, but their roster of artists is simply the best, most consistent in K-Pop. I feel like they know each artists' strengths and run with it, so while many share the same collaborators and general vibe, there are a wide range of sounds present on their roster. Their last release, Akdong Musician's Play, will likely be known as this year's breakout, and rightly so. Big Bang member Taeyang's new album veers toward the r&b side of things, which is a 360 from Akdong's brand of quirky folk pop. And, like a lot of YG's releases, the first time I heard the album I was a little underwhelmed, but all it took was another listen and I was hooked. It helps that my favorite Korean artist, G-Dragon, features on this track. In fact, I'd go so far as say Stay With Me is more of a G-Dragon track featuring Taeyang, and I'm just fine with that. But the song would be nothing without that smooth, surging, melodic hook. It's like late 90's r&b all over again. It's a shame that the song hasn't been selected as one of the album's singles, because I'm sure it would do amazingly well.

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