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Friday, July 18, 2014

2NE1 - Crush

Crush is the fourth single taken from 2NE1's newest album of the same name. Add to that the three promo singles the group released last year and they've been quite prolific of late. I've been enjoying/obsessed with vocalist Park Bom on the reality show Roommate recently, so that's pulled me back into this excellent album. Crush is the opening track, and for some reason initially I dismissed it as being a bit of filler. It's amazing what a dynamite music video can do for a song! My love for the chorus, in particular, has been reinvigorated. There's so much attitude and swagger. The music video is for the Japanese version of the track, but not understanding either language, I just subbed this version in for the original Korean version on the album. I actually kind of prefer the sound of the Japanese language on this.

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