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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Infinite - Reflex

I've long admired 7-piece K-pop band Infinite, particularly for their lush, string-laden productions that expertly blend East and West. But, for some reason, I've hesitated when it comes to their full albums. After a quick preview, I stupidly dismissed their latest full-length, Season 2. But now that the album's been re-released as Be Back, with an excellent new title track, I was tempted to give it another listen. Thank god I did! I am in love with this album! I even like the ballads, which is rare for me. But Infinite's synth-drenched dance tracks are its bread and butter. Reflex is a late-album highlight that sounds like it's straight from the 80's. In fact, it reminds me of a K-pop group covering a Rick Astley song. Weird, I know, but it all comes together perfectly. Also check out their new single, Back, which has an awesome, cinematic action music video.

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