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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sub Focus - Close (ft. MNEK)

"I become obsessive and fanatic"

This is kind of an older song--almost a year old, in fact--but I was unfamiliar with it until I heard it last week while I was out shopping. I was instantly hooked by the garage-esque production and fast moving hook. It is one of those songs that require not even a full listen to stick in your head. Better yet, the vocalist on the track is none other than MNEK, who released the excellent Every Little Word earlier this year. I think the version that was playing in the store was the radio edit, which has a different vocalist. Funny enough, given my love for MNEK's voice, I actually think I prefer the radio edit. I guess it's because that's the version I heard first. But whoever's singing it, this is a dynamite dance track for the summer.

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