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Monday, August 25, 2014

Josef Johansson - Blickar kan mörda

One of these days, I'll actually post a song in English again. But for now, I can't neglect the just-released single by Sweden's Josef Johansson. For those not in the know, Johansson was the performer of my favorite track at this year's Melodifestivalen, the epic Hela Natten. Blickar kan mörda (Looks Can Murder) is the new single and it's definitely more uptempo, but still retains that big, lush production.I love the slightly electronic, slightly acoustic, almost orchestral dance sound in this song. Even though he'd neatly slot into a "teen pop" label and probably be pretty successful there, Josef's music feels more mature and subtle overall. This song is cowritten by Swedish music legend Orup, and I'd imagine that it's his input that gives this single its air of classic, non-trendy Swedish pop. I really hope we get a full album from Josef soon. He's got a ton of potential and his singles run is three for three so far.

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