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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Taemin - Danger

"It's my show time"

This is the new Michael Jackson single we've been waiting for, and it comes from Korea and... not Michael Jackson. It makes sense, though, since Korea is one of the places that still gives a crap about the Jacksons' sound (another reason why I love K-Pop). Taemin is a member of the amazing group Shinee, and he's actually the first to go solo. He's the youngest member, known especially for his dancing. With Danger, he gets to show that off, as well as pay tribute to his idol, MJ. This song had me from the first verse. It's produced by Danish genius (and favorite of this blog) Thomas Troelsen and you can definitely tell. Those "bom bom bom" bits in the verses are among the best pop song pieces I've heard all year. It truly is what Michael might have sounded like had he gotten his start in this era. Like most of k-pop, it also benefits from the ridiculously cool music video, so I'm posting that today rather than just the song. Enjoy!

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