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Monday, September 15, 2014

Wolf Gang - Lay Your Love Down

"Do you hear me at all?"

Wolf Gang are the band responsible for one of my favorite singles of the year, the gorgeous and epic Black River. This is their follow-up, which was always going to suffer a bit in my eyes having to follow River. But even though it's not nearly as over the top, the guys have created a really solid indie pop track. The hook sounds instantly familiar to me, like a mix between Bastille and Florence + The Machine. I like the verses even better, with that majestic opening and drumbeat. It definitely has the feel of mainstream crossover success, which this band is well overdue for. It just needs to be featured in the right movie or TV show or something. For now, they're one of music's best kept secrets.

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Blogger Unknown said...

They love the Southeast USA so seen them FOUR times now and they never fail to impress!

Another tasty track is Ghost In My LIfe...

But wait til they release the title track of the upcoming album...I predict the amazing mandolin-driven Alveron is going to break them wide open. Live version here:

12:21 PM  

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