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Friday, October 03, 2014

Avicii & Robbie Williams - The Days

"These are the days we've been waiting for"

So where the hell did this come from? I love it when awesome, random pop collaborations just appear out of nowhere. I don't think I ever would have considered Avicii and Robbie Williams as two artists that would go well together, but as soon as I heard their names, it made perfect sense. The Days is their new collaboration single and, surprisingly, it's a lot less dance/club inspired than I would have expected. Up until the last minute or so, it sounds like a classic acoustic 70's singalong with some modern electro production to push it forward. The hook is fantastic, and Robbie's vocals are always a treat. I was a big fan of his "dance" album Rudebox, so I certainly wouldn't mind hearing more like this in the near future.

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