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Monday, October 20, 2014

Billy Idol - Save Me Now

"I don't wanna wait for your love"

Billy Idol's new album is out tomorrow in the States. It's half excellent, half boring, so I'll probably end up whittling it down to a solid EP. Luckily, the songs that are great (ie: the uptempos and maybe one or two ballads) are AMAZING. Now, I'd consider myself a big Billy Idol fan from the 80's, but songs like Save Me Now are even more suited to my taste. I love glossy, propulsive rock. I've heard some people call this new album "overproduced," which is a word I can't stand because to me what they're really saying is that someone took the time to polish the tracks until they're as professional and impressive as they can be. Idol's voice drips with charisma throughout, and the hooks are gargantuan. Save Me Now deserves to be a massive hit, though of course it won't be. We just don't get music like this very often anymore. It's a real treat. I mean... that chorus!!

Save Me Now by Billy Idol on Grooveshark

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