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Monday, October 27, 2014

Ola Salo - Trouble

"I know that I should've known better"

Another season of Sweden's amazing Så Mycket Bättre has started. I was particularly excited about this one because Ola Salo, lead singer of now-defunct band The Ark, was participating. It's no secret that the Ark were, and are, my favorite band of all time. That said, I'm not sure what has happened to Ola's vocals since the band broke up. It may be the production techniques he's using now or maybe just a new singing style, but for the past few years I've found his vocal production to border on shrill--something I would've never said during the Ark's heyday. It's a bit of a pity, because those shrill bits keep Trouble (the song he covered on 80's singer Orup's day of broadcast) from being a total homerun. It's still an awesome slice of old-school glam, because pretty much everything Ola touches turns to awesome, but I feel like it could've been even better if he'd covered it about 8-10 years ago with his band. Still, it's a blast for a fan like me to see Ola participate in this series and I can't wait to hear the music he releases in the coming weeks.

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