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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Topp Dogg - Annie

I am absolutely in love with this song right now. I feel like we're at the beginning of a New Jack Swing resurgence right now, at least in the East. Topp Dogg are a 13-piece (!) boy group from Korea and this is a special single celebrating their one year anniversary (Annie = Anniversary). It's a total 90's throwback with brilliant production and is definitely my new favorite track from the guys. The slick video is inventive and addicting, and highlights the song's fantastic beat with a perfectly matched dance. But, of course, the best thing about this song is its undeniable New Jack Swing influence. It's a genre that's very specific, but one of my favorites. Having grown up adoring Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814, it's a sound attached to great musical memories for me. There's an undeniable complexity to the production that ironically feels a hundred times more fresh than most of today's music, even though this is obviously a homage. Can't wait to see where these guys go next.

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. Buy their music here.)

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