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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

DGNA - Rilla Go!

When it comes to music, I'm incredibly visual. That might sound strange when talking about an art form that is auditory by nature, but more and more I'm finding that visuals--from stage costumes to music videos to album covers and fonts--play a very important role in how I discover and enjoy new music. It was the visual that first drew me to DGNA's new song. In the realm of k-pop, DGNA are a small fish that I wasn't very familiar with prior to Rilla Go. But, I love a jungle/tribal theme (no idea why, to be honest) and when I saw the teaser to this video, with its campy jungle-wear, I was instantly curious. It turns out that the track itself is worthy of that curiosity, from its guitar-strumming verses to the explosive chorus. I'd like to see these guys gain popularity fast, because this is easily one of my most underrated K-Pop tracks of the year.

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