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Monday, November 24, 2014

GD & Taeyang - Good Boy

"I am a good boy"

When I hear that G-Dragon is coming back (in any capacity), I automatically get very excited to hear what he's come up with. Now, of all the genres he dabbles in, trap is not really my favorite version of GD. Because of this, it took a couple of listens for me to get over the disappointment that Good Boy wasn't another Crooked and learn to enjoy it for what it actually is. Having fellow bandmate and old friend Taeyang on the track certainly helps, as his parts are easily the catchiest -- especially that rapid fire bridge before the breakdown. Even the squiggly beat, which I'd initially found a little annoying and overdone, has wormed its way into my head. Above all, this track makes me even thirstier for a full comeback from Bigbang. I can think of no other band in the world who is able to pull apart and be so incredibly awesome and successful as solo artists. I feel like all of that experience is going to make for one hell of an album once they decide to release it.

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