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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hi Suhyun - I'm Different (ft. Bobby)

From one YG track to another, I'm always compelled to post the latest from Korea's most reliable entertainment company. Hi Suhyun is a special project merging the talents of solo artist Lee Hi and one half of sibling duo Akdong Musician, Lee Suhyun. Both are YG artists and, incidentally, were contestants on K-Pop Star. I love them both separately, but together they're even better. Two very distinct voices and personalities elevate what could easily have been a forgettable track. Add to that a feature from upcoming boy group iKON's Bobby and you have an absolutely incredibly combo. The music video is, of course, adorable, and that track itself has that undeniable sass and swagger that characterizes the best of YG's output. I liked it from the first listen, but didn't expect it to stick with me a strongly as it has. I would love to hear an album or mini from this duo in the future (as long as it doesn't stop Akdong Musician from putting out more music as well).

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