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Thursday, November 13, 2014

I See Monstas - Evolution

"I won't regret a single breath I take"

Usually, I try to post only new music, but I can't be everywhere at once so there are always going to be some songs that I miss out on. This track, Evolution by UK group I See Monstas, is one of those gems. It came out last year, but it's just too good not to spotlight today. This song is just massive. Overwhelmingly massive. The group has a great new single out now that I could've posted instead, but I can't get over how tremendous the hook on this one is. Both dubstep and drum and bass are genres that I struggle with a bit. When done well, they can be breathtakingly awesome. Unfortunately, they're also both very overused. Evolution gets everything right. If you need a jolt of energy in your day, fire this up. You'll be on your feet once that chorus kicks in.

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