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Friday, December 05, 2014

Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me / Don't Flirt

I've been feverishly working on my year-end countdowns for the past week, which always makes me think about songs that missed out, but would have found prominent places on my list had I known about them at the time. This is especially true for K-pop, since I really didn't start getting into it until 2012. Even then, I was a newbie so there was a lot to discover. At first, I focused mainly on the male groups. I liked the sound and image better than most of their cutesier female counterparts (still do, actually). This means that a lot of amazing songs fell by the wayside. Honestly, I didn't get around to listening to Girl's Day's catalog for some time, because their name just put me off. I thought: how can I like a band whose name sounds like either - a) a feminine hygiene product, or b) a My Little Pony brand? But name aside, these girls have released some of the very best pop music in the genre. These two songs are both nearly perfect, for different reasons. Don't Forget Me is my absolute favorite, a lovelorn "tears on the dancefloor" anthem with a soaring, knockout explosion of a chorus. Don't Flirt (sometimes translated to Don't Let Your Eyes Wander), on the other hand, is so strange -- a hyper-kinetic, rollicking shout-along pop song that grabs you by the collar and tosses you around for a few minutes. It sounds like Abba on speed. And that is freaking amazing.

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