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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Infinite - Dilemma

After all the hoo ha over Infinite on my year end countdowns, I wanted to end 2014 with a single that slipped in at the very end of the year. And guess what? It's another track from Infinite! There's a reason why I love this band so much, and Dilemma, their debut original Japanese language track, is yet more evidence of that. The song takes a sharp turn into rock territory, with a hard guitar riff and aggressive beat from Japanese legend Tomoyasu Hotei. I love the pounding drums and epic guitar solo. I've heard some say that the rap seems misplaced, but I think it's an interesting contrast with the production. Leader Sungkyu, a rocker at heart, sounds especially awesome on this track. It's not the usual Infinite sound, but it retains enough of what makes them amazing to help it stand well alongside the rest of their catalog. The guys are hinting at a big 2015 to come, and I couldn't be more excited for the music that's to come.

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