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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Robbie Williams - Raver

"I go dancing"

I've been working a lot at prepping this year's single and album countdowns, which will start next week, so this week might end up being pretty slow when it comes to new posts. And not that much new music is released in December anyway. For today, I want to spotlight a song from Robbie William's new b-side collection. I've been a fan of Robbie practically since he released his very first album over a decade ago. He's one of the few UK artists of his age that still manages to interest me, especially when he works with longtime collaborator Guy Chambers. Despite being an album full of "not good enough to be studio album tracks," the new collection is actually pretty strong. I particularly love the one-two punch that opens the album. Raver is the second track, and has a great hands-in-the-air chorus that sounds ballsier than Williams has in quite some time. Now if only it didn't have that dire album cover. Some things you can't un-see.

Robbie Williams - Raver / Under The Radar Volume I by BLiSs4RW

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