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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Top 20 Albums of 2014: 16-15

16. Beyonce

Released late last year, this is the oldest album on my list, and perhaps suffers just a bit from that. I remember going through about a week or so where I just couldn't get enough of this complex, dense album. I can't say I've returned to it often throughout the year, but when I do I'm continually impressed with the artistry and consistency on display. For me (and this is coming from a Beyonce-appreciator, but not a hardcore fan), this is her best album.

15. Bleachers - Strange Desire

2014, as with many years recently, was devoid of very many good rock albums. Luckily, this one got me through the summer. It would have been higher on my list if the album tracks would have lived up to the singles. As it is, though, the singles are so fantastic that it still makes for an enjoyable and compulsive listen. And if nothing else, it definitely held me over until the next release from fun.

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