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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Top 20 Albums of 2014: 18-17

18. Shinee - I'm Your Boy

Another release that may just as well have been a Japanese compilation of singles, the factor that elevates this album slightly is the inclusion of several new tracks -- all of them brilliant. Honestly, I probably would have ranked it higher had I not been familiar with so many of the songs already through single and b-side releases. Still, the album stands as an exclamation mark to the group's jaw-droppingly prolific and awesome 2013.

17. Epik High - Shoebox

I'm usually not much for straight up rap, and this album is much more of that genre than Epik High's last release, but the tracks here have a poetic, character-filled flow to them. The cavalcade of guest vocalists definitely helps give the album a more diverse feel, though the tempo is usually firmly in the "mid," save for a few bursts of energy here and there. It's a great late Fall/early Winter album.

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