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Friday, December 19, 2014

Top 50 Singles of 2014: 30-26

30. Winner - Empty

The debut single from one of the most successful newcomers on the K-pop scene this year. It's a slow burn, but once the melody gets under your skin, it'll stick there.

29. Akdong Musician - Give Love

The other super-successful debut this year, Give Love has spring and summer written all over it. It's fresh and happy and pretty much adorable (without grating, like most adorable things do).

28. Avicii - The Days (ft. Robbie Williams)

As far as hit Avicii singles go, this flew under the radar despite being one hundred percent amazing. It's also the best thing Robbie Williams has put his name to in awhile.

27. Hi Suhyun - I'm Different (ft. Bobby) 

I used the word "adorable" earlier, which by the way is not a word I use often. But one half of Akdong Musician, paired with the soulful, quirky Lee Hi and charismatic Bobby certainly earn the word.

26. Exo - Overdose 

Exo was one of the very first K-pop groups to catch my eye, and I've been amazing at how insanely popular they've become since then. This isn't their best single, but it's definitely near the top.

Don't forget, if you'd like to listen to the Top 50 Singles Countdown in full, download the audio version!

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