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Thursday, January 22, 2015

G.Soul - You

Sometimes a song just knocks you out on the first listen. I'm not usually a ballad guy, so it takes a special hook or performance to reel me in instantly. You is definitely that song. G.Soul is infamous for being the longest trained artist at JYP Entertainment. He's been there since 2001 (15 years!) and has finally made his debut this month. I don't know why they were holding him back so long. He's got an outstanding voice, and this song displays that in spades. The simple, powerful hook is nothing short of breathtaking. He manages to combine a smooth, neo-soul vibe with a pop sensibility. In short, it's a good old fashioned, chest-beating power ballad -- the likes of which we don't hear all that often these days. Switching continents, I feel like this is the kind of instant, memorable song that could conquer a competition like Eurovision with ease.

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