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Friday, January 30, 2015

Infinite H - Pretty

My musical tastes are known to vary and widen, and I usually have a long list of artists that I'm excited about. But every once and awhile, one of those artists leapfrogs over everyone else and becomes more of an obsession. That's the way it was with The Ark, and now that's the way it is with Infinite. I've written about Infinite many times, and even before they were my favorite band, I considered them to have the strongest singles run of any K-Pop group. In fact, I've thought about doing a "ten best singles by..." feature on them, but like my other untouchable artists (The Ark, Janet Jackson, etc), I fear that I'd have much too hard a time ranking their songs. One thing that I love about K-Pop, though, is that their groups often form units -- an offshoot of the group's main sound that in no way threatens the existence of the band. Singers can go solo without leaving the group, and this allows for interesting detours in an artist's sound. Infinite H is a hip-hop unit consisting of rappers Hoya and Dongwoo. This being Korea, the guys can of course also sing and dance spectacularly, so their brand of hip-hop carries a strong pop influence. That said, songs like Pretty are a complete u-turn from Infinite's dense, dramatic dance sound. The new mini-album is great, but I think my favorite thing about the whole project is the fun, quirky video. There's a fresh, easygoing aura around their music that becomes more addictive the more you listen to it.

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