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Monday, January 19, 2015

John De Sohn - Wild Roses

"And we run"

December and January are always catch-up months for me when it comes to music. There aren't a lot of new releases out, and it's time for me to discover what I somehow missed the previous year. This can also be frustrating, because I inevitably uncover songs that would have featured in my year-end countdown had I known of their existence. For example, how did I not know that this epic track has been around for months now? It's probably because it's from a dance producer, and there are literally so many of them nowadays that it's hard to keep track. What I love about John De Sohn's Wild Roses, though, is that it's essentially an 80's rock throwback masquerading as a club anthem. This is catnip to me. It's the kind of song that just builds and builds until it explodes. And in that way, it's perfection. It probably wasn't "cool" enough to be a huge hit last year, but that's just fine with me. I live on this kind of bombast.

Wild Roses by John De Sohn on Grooveshark

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