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Monday, January 05, 2015

Walk The Moon - Avalanche

"Sometimes you only get one chance"

Throughout December, when very little new music was released, there were a couple of non-K-Pop albums I caught up on. One of those albums actually came out during the month, and that's indie band Walk The Moon's excellent Talking Is Hard. For fans of bombastic, 80's synth rock (uh... me??), this is an album you absolutely have to check out. I was really surprised with how consistently good it is. I spotlighted Walk The Moon last year with their awesome single, Shut Up And Dance, and it turns out that that song's a pretty good bellweather for the full album. I could have picked pretty much any of the tracks to spotlight today, but I decided to go with the one that I found to be most catchy on the very first listen. Avalanche is kind of what Maroon 5 would sound like if I found Maroon 5 remotely tolerable. It's glossy, hook-per-second radio pop, but retains a slightly off-kilter presence that gives it a lot of character.

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