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Thursday, February 19, 2015

4minute - Crazy

It's been an oddly slow year for Kpop so far, which has been driving me crazy. There have been quite a few new debuts, and a decent amount of decent songs, but none of the big groups have come back yet, and I feel like at this point it's getting kind of ridiculous. This drought has steered me toward 4minute, even though I wasn't a fan in the past. Still, they're the biggest group releasing music so far this year. I had to at least check them out. I love HyunA, and have always wondered why I could never warm to her group. It turns out, I was waiting for a song and album like Crazy. Now, Crazy is basically a lesser retread of HyunA's own Red from last year, but Red was so freaking spectacular that Crazy is still really exciting. In a lot of ways, it feels like the first big Kpop moment of 2015. It's not a particularly tuneful track. Instead, the aggressive, beat-driven production offers a get-outta-your-seat urgency. It's been my big pick-me-up during these dreary winter nights. And the video's spectacularly glossy.

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