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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat Four

Here we are at the last Heat for MF 2015. Historically, this tends to be the strongest round, and from the sounds of it this year will be no different. So I'm prepared for some heartbreak with regards to the results. Luckily, by the time it's all over we'll have the full album to enjoy.

EDIT: Sanna singing En Vogue is not something I ever imagined I'd see...

EDIT: Oh my god. Now she's rapping.... badly...

EDIT: JTR and Mans won the audience pre-applause unofficial vote, though I don't necessarily think that means much this week.

MIDNIGHT BOY: Wow, Kristoffer from Melody Club looks so different now! All I know about Midnight Boy is that I need an album, now. I don't care how he does this week. I just want more music. This is the kind of 80's pastiche I live for.

CAROLINE: What the hell was up with her intro? That aside, the song in full is not as good as I hoped it would be. I like the drama and bombast of the production, but the chorus feels kind of weak. Although she's done well in the past, I don't think this will be her night.

JTR: They seem to have a lot of support in the audience. I'm just not sold. The song itself sounds like something One Direction would have turned down. It's just too predictable and trendy for me. Plus, they're still annoying and tryhard.

HASSE: He seems to be a favorite if the odds are to be believed. Plus, a song (and artist) like this almost always makes it to the final to represent the older viewing audience. It might happen again today, but the song just isn't that great. If he gets through, it'll be based on name and genre alone. There have been SO many better dansband entries in the past.

DINAH NAH: This song could be so much better, but the production certainly is impactful, especially coming off the heels of the last entry. I don't see this doing well, though. I think Isa got all of these particular votes last week. Straight up dance/club music rarely does that well in MF, historically.

ANNIKA: Ugh. A ballad. I think this lady has a certain cache with the Swedish public because of Frozen, but the song is boring me to death. Next, please.

MANS: I like this a lot, and that staging is really, really cool. Surely it'll go direct to the final and retain its place as one of the frontrunners. As far as Eurovision-esque entries, it's probably between this and Jon's from last week (though I like Midnight Boy's song better).

To Final - Mans and Hasse (unfortunately)
AC - JTR and maybe Caroline? Or, in a just world, Midnight Boy

Top 5 - Dinah (!), JTR, Caroline, Mans, Hasse
6th - Annika
7th - Midnight Boy (told ya it'd do poorly)

To Final - JTR (ugh!), Mans
AC - Dinah (!), Hasse
Out - Caroline



Blogger Unknown said...

I LOVED Midnight Boy. Like, you, I knew it would not do well, but I was shocked at how much I loved this song. I agree, an album must be released..NOW. Mans was my favorite in this round.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Nick said...

It seems almost a foregone conclusion that Mans will win the whole thing, though the final has surprised before (Robin Stjernberg, I'm looking at you...).

5:15 PM  

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