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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat Three

I'm back! And hoping for a Heat that gives me at least a few songs that I'd actually want to listen to outside the context of the competition. So far, there have been about three tracks this year that have impressed me in some way. Three out of fourteen is not a very good ratio, and definitely not the way MF usually treats me. I'm probably just being extra picky this year...

EDIT: No idea what's going on. This year's MF seems to be particularly Swede-centric, without much of an appeal to the international audience... not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

EDIT: Ellen, Andreas and Jon seem to be getting the most applause at the outset, though nobody seems to be an overwhelming favorite in this heat.

ELLEN: This is SUCH a different Ellen from last year. I'm not sure how such a big change will go down with the voting public. It could easily be another Dilba. Luckily, the song's quite good, even though it never goes off the way I wish it would. It needed a dance beat so badly.

KALLE: My feed went dead for almost all of this, which sucks, but I can say that this is my kind of Swedish indie pop track. It will go nowhere, but I like it a lot... even if the singer himself is a bit of non-presence.

And of course the stream reconnects right in time for the boring skit between songs...

ANDREAS W: Why was I reminded of John Stewart as soon as I saw this guy? Regardless, he totally stole John Newman's beat and song structure. I guess he's just a fan of guys named John. I'm not really a fan of this song, though. It's just too bland and derivative.

ANDREAS J: Two Andreas's in a row? That's just poor planning. This Andreas has given us some amazing MF entries in the past. This is simply not up to par. It's an inoffensive enough ballad melodically, but isn't that hook a little depressing for Eurovision?

ISA: Well, at least this is upbeat and catchy. That's about all I can say about it. Very forgettable and bargain basement. MF deserves SO much better than this. What is up with this year? Has Sweden forgotten that it is one of the preeminent producers of pop music?

KRISTIN: I'm not sure what I was seeing in this track, based on the clip yesterday. In it's full form, this is nothing but a boring Adele rip-off. Bad... just bad. And she doesn't sound particularly great, either. Probably means that it'll go direct to the final.

JON: I guess I didn't realize just how popular this guy is in Sweden. The audience is ready to crown him before he even performs. Luckily, this is one of the better songs tonight, despite not being a pop song at all in the traditional sense. I wish it had more variation in it, though.

Well, for me, I liked Jon, Kalle and Ellen's tracks the best, but I'm guessing the results will end up something like this...
Final: Jon and Kristin
AC: Andreas and Andreas

* I hate Filippa SO much. As if I haven't said it enough already, MF really sucks this year.

Top 5 - Kristin, Isa (!), Ellen, Jon, Andreas W
6th - Kalle
7th - Andreas J (wow, how the mighty have fallen!)

EDIT: Oh god, Kalle Moreaus... and he's not even singing. He's giving, like, a lecture?

To Final: Jon and Isa (what the actual hell?)
To AC: Andreas and Kristin
Out: Ellen

Bad heat, bad year, but I kinda wouldn't mind it if Jon won the whole thing. Looks like he's in with a chance, too.



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