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Friday, February 13, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015: Heat Two - Preliminary Judgment

Though I can't say I was too impressed with last week's heat, the songs have already grown on me and there were a few gems. Unfortunately, judging from the short clips released by SVT, this week seems to be even more uneventful than the last one.

(Listen to clips here)

1. Linus Svenning - Forever Starts Today
While I'm happy that he's gone for a more uptempo track this year, I cannot get behind Mumford and Sons style tracks, especially when they're already out of style. This genre just annoys me so much. I hope I'm proven wrong, but right now this clip sounds like an insurance commercial. 2/5

2. Emelie Irewald - Där och då med dig (There and then with you)
This sounds very, very... slow. It's almost impossible to decipher anything else from the short clip, but I guess maybe it could have some potential for ballad lovers? But I can't say I'm that interested to hear the full thing. 2/5

3. Samir and Viktor - Groupie
I'm glad this is in Swedish, because I get the feeling that the lyrics are lame as hell. Apparently the theme of this week is "sounds and catchphrases that were popular a year ago." This sounds remarkably like Linus's track with a dance beat. It gets some points for that dance beat, I guess 2.5/5

4. Neverstore - If I Was God For One Day
MF rock songs can either be ridiculously cheesy and wonderful, or plodding, serious bores. This strangely seems to have aspects of both, which makes it sound pretty uninteresting in general. 2/5

5. Marie Bergman and Sanne Salomonsen - Nonetheless
Bathroom break. 1.5/5

6. Magnus Carlsson - Möt mig i Gamla stan (Meet me in Old Town)
Thank GOD for this. In an otherwise dull-as-hell week, this sounds like it will bring some actual pop and schlager back to the competition. This is what MF is about, and although it doesn't sound jaw-droppingly amazing, at least it's a step in the right direction. 4/5

7. Mariette - Don't Stop Believing
This kind of sounds like Laleh, but without the same level of quirkiness. This could be quite good, judging from the clip. It could also turn out to be a bit of a bore. 3.5/5

Overall, I can't say I'm impressed by these clips in the slightest. I feel like Heat Two is historically the weakest each year, and I'm hoping that's the case here as well. I won't be live-blogging this, as I'll be working on Saturday. I'll probably post some thoughts when I get the chance to watch the show, though.

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