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Monday, February 02, 2015

Wa$$up - Shut Up U

A weirdly acoustic (but kind of cool?) Rihanna single made its way into the world last week, and it seemed like very few people were happy with it. So in response I present this track, which I think is much more like what I would have wanted from a Rihanna comeback (except in English, obviously). Shut Up U is from girl group Wa$$up and was quietly released back in December. I'm not a big fan of the group's music in general, but this is so infectious and awesome. I love the frantic, tribal-esque beat, but it's the ever-changing melody that seals the deal. That hook is so ridiculously catchy and it's carried off effortlessly. The entire thing sounds so carefree and organic, despite being laser-beam focused on its impressive production. The song hasn't really taken off in Korea, but it deserves bigger and better. If nothing else, it's certainly better than what Rihanna's been producing as of late.

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