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Friday, March 27, 2015

Crayon Pop - FM

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's been awhile since Crayon Pop have graced us with their uniquely quirky brand of addictive pop, but now they've returned with a track that's almost impossibly catchy. Better yet, it's paired with a music video that awakens the nostalgic 90's child in me. Though it's not specifically what's being parodied here, most western viewers are going to see a whole lot of Power Rangers and Sailor Moon in the colorful video. It's pure, giddy eye candy. But even if we take the visuals away, there's absolutely no denying the candy-coated assault going on in the music itself. The beat is big and bright and propulsive. The melody of the chorus reminds me a bit of AOA's similarly catchy Elvis, but even better. It simply doesn't let up. The girls are well and truly back.

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