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Monday, March 16, 2015

Darin - Ta Mig Tillbaka

Just in time for the Melodifestivalen finale, Sweden's ace popstar Darin released new music. Ta Mig Tillbaka (ie: Take Me Back) is a brand new sound for him. Gone is the r&b-influenced dance music in favor of an airy, almost country-sounding folk song. This should be a bad thing, but the track itself is actually kind of amazing. First of all, I'm delighted that he's singing in Swedish, even though I can't understand most of it. When he was on Så Mycket Bättre in 2012 and covered many Swedish-language tracks, I went from casually liking his music to becoming obsessed. He's just got such a stunning voice that's wasted on generic radio pop. If I'm completely honest, I'd probably be a bit disappointed if he released a full album with the tempo of Ta Mig Tillbaka, but then again if every song matches this high quality it could end up as one of the year's best surprises. One quibble, however: the song really should have been released in October. Doesn't it sound like Autumn?

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