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Monday, March 09, 2015

Invader Girl - Stuck On Me

"There's something about you I can't dismiss"

Scandinavia continues its 2015 assault with this awesome new track by Invader Girl (formerly Cinnamon Girl). I've got to admit that I wasn't totally familiar with the music she's made in the past, and I'm kind of regretting that now. Stuck On Me combines the kewpie doll vocal style of early Gwen Stefani with an 80's assault of drum heavy production. There's a definite build to the track, which means the first section seems like its missing a little something. It's not until the cascade of drums comes in around the 1:15 mark that the song finds its footing and becomes something very special. For those looking forward to Marina and the Diamonds' newest album, I think you'll become an instant fan of Invader Girl. She's got another, slightly more rock-influenced track that she released last year, but this is the one I'd start with.

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