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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Melodifestivalen 2015: The Final

Here we are at the end of another Melodifestivalen season! Who will take home the crown this year? I predicted Jon yesterday, but I'm not overly confident. Whatever happens, I can't wait for the voting. It's always the most exciting part of the show.

EDIT: I love Conchita Wurst. What a great winner. That male host has got to stop singing, though.

EDIT: As expected, the unofficial audience-applause-o-meter favored Jon and Mans, though Mans was the winner. He may just pull this off in the end.

SAMIR AND VIKTOR: Nope, still hate this. Though if I don't look at their smug, annoying faces, I like it just a little bit more.

* I am SO glad I will never have to see or hear Filippa after this year's MF is over...

JTR: I think I would like this song more if the vocals weren't so irritating. I have no idea why this is in the final. They should have just chopped off the first two songs.

DINAH NAH: This year's MF has been very good to breakout female performers. I still think this song is pretty basic, but at least it doesn't make me want to pull my hair out like the last two.

JON HENRIK: I really wonder what the International Juries are going to make of this one. I'm getting a feeling it might end up taking second place, now. Still love it, though.

JESSICA ANDERSSON: This feels very much like a non entity in the final. Honestly, I think she's just lucky to be here. I would be shocked if she finishes in the top half.

MANS: The predicted winner, and he may just do it. I like the song, but it does feel like it's missing something. The stage show is really the star here, and would do well at Eurovision.

LINUS SVENNING: This song has actually grown on me. I still feel like it's a cheap knockoff, but it's at least got a pleasant melody. Still, I think he will follow the classic path of a MF breakthrough and place significantly lower this year than he did last year.

ISA: This is another knockoff song that's grown on me, more because of Isa than the song itself. I'm curious what she'll come out with in the future. She feels like the big breakout of the competition this year, though I think she'll place somewhere in the middle.

MAGNUS CARLSSON: My favorite of the night, though there's no way it'll win even though it should. I just hope he places well. This is pure schlager, and he's really the only one bringing it this year.

ERIC SAADE: I hope Eric pulls an Anton Ewald and finishes surprisingly low. It would serve him right for a weak song and smug performance.

MARIETTE: I can see how others like this, but it's just not my thing. Too self-serious, I think. I don't think it'll do as well as some are thinking, either, though it will probably finish in the top half.

HASSE: This will likely get a healthy portion of the Swedish vote, but the juries are going to kill it. It's a very strange choice for the final performance of the year, but whatever... I have no ill will toward the song... it's just there.

* Wow, Filippa is not even funny in English.

* Ylvis is a really random choice for an interval act. I wish this song wasn't "comedy," because I actually like the melody and production. I can't deal with the "funny" lyrics, though.

I feel like Jon could rack up some points from the Southern and Eastern block, while Mans will probably be tops with the West. But we'll see...

International Juries' 12 Points go to:
Armenia: Mans
Austria: Mans
Belgium: Mans
Cyprus: Mans
Estonia: Mans
France: Mans
Israel: Mariette
Malta: Mans
Netherlands: Mans
Slovenia: Mans
UK: Jon

Wow, that was a landslide for Mans in the juries. As it stands now, the top three are:
1. Mans
2. Mariette
3. Jon

But I'm presuming Mans has already won unless something really, really weird happens in the voting. Jon is too far behind, and could Mariette really rack up enough Swedish votes??

* Dirty Loops! I didn't know they'd be covering Undo. This is pretty cool.

Final Results!
01. Mans Zelmerlow
02. Jon Henrik
03. Mariette
04. Hasse Andersson
05. Eric Saade
06. Linus Svenning
07. Isa
08. Samir and Viktor
09. Magnus Carlsson
10. JTR
11. Jessica Andersson
12. Dinah Nah

Well, we have a winner, and it really wasn't close at all. Is it a good winner? Sure. An exciting winner? Not really. But then again, it's been a pretty unexciting year. Mans, I wish you luck in Eurovision! (But I hope there's something better in May...)



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