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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Midnight Boy - Don't Say No

"Just reach out and feel the love"

Sometimes in the world of Melodifestivalen, I hear a song that I completely fall in love with while also knowing unequivocally that it won't do well in the contest. Such is the case with Midnight Boy's wonderfully 80's Don't Say No. Despite being an amazing song (maybe the best in this year's contest), it was always going to be too niche for the voting public. And, just as I thought, the song placed dead last on Saturday. But, in a wonderful twist, it's also found itself in the top ten songs on Swedish itunes since the competition aired. I hope this encourages Midnight Boy and the people behind him to release a full album of 80's-tastic pop. I've been a longtime cheerleader of his, and I know he's got other songs written and ready to go, but I also know how difficult it is for acts like these to get funding for an album release. For now, we've got this brilliant song to enjoy, and I intend to!

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