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Friday, March 06, 2015

Producer Spotlight: Thomas Troelsen

As a pop music aficionado, and a bit of a curator when it comes to my ipod playlists, I realize more and more that songwriting teams and producers are just as important, if not more, as the artists performing songs. Given this, I've started a feature that focuses on my absolute favorite behind-the-scenes music creators... songwriters or producers whose name alone gets me psyched for a song.

Thomas Troelsen is one of the few producers and songwriters who is notable for his contributions in both Western and Eastern music. He even enjoyed a sizable hit in America with Junior Senior's breakthrough. He's long been one of this blog's musical heroes.

Musical Hallmarks: Bright, funky synth work, strong Michael Jackson influence in beats and vocal production, generally beat-driven compositions with ample use of syncopation

Best Examples: While Junior Senior's Move Your Feet was his international breakthrough, his own band Private one-upped it in quality. His single track with Swedish band Melody Club is one of their best. As far as Kpop, Exo's History and, more recently, Taemin's Danger, are essentials.

Recommended Further Listening: 

SHINEE - Sherlock, Spoiler, Punch Drunk Love, Girls, Girls, Girls, Everybody, Like A Fire
SUPER JUNIOR - Opera, Spy, Perfection (Super Junior M)
F(X) - Nu Abo, Hot Summer, Gangsta Boy, Butterfly
TVXQ - Mirotic
SUPERHEROES - Someone Else, Ghost, Johnny And I, Cool Girl
THE FOOO CONSPIRACY - Fridays Are Forever
INFERNAL - Dead Or Alive
AQUA - How R U Doin'
PRIVATE - Entire debut album

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