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Monday, March 02, 2015

Shinhwa - Sniper

Shinhwa are the longest running boy group in K-Pop. With the members all in their mid-thirties, they've reached the point in their career where they could be churning out irrelevant "old guy" music and banking solely on their name recognition. Instead, they've released the first great K-Pop album of 2015. I'm incredibly impressed with We, a nonstop parade of funky, beat-driven pop that takes more than a subtle inspiration from Michael Jackson. Sniper is the single, and it's a cool, slinky pop tune with an incredible whistle hook and hammering beat. The accompanying video is stylish and atmospheric, and honestly as sleek as anything younger bands like Exo and Beast are putting out. This is a group clearly at the top of their game (after 17 years in the business), and they deserve to be noticed as such.

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