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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Top Ten Singles By... Infinite!

There are a few untouchable artists/acts that I've wanted to do a top ten for, but I've been stalling. Sometimes an artist's singles run is so flawless that ranking the songs is near impossible. I'm still not ready to count down Janet Jackson's singles yet, but I've finally settled on a list for Kpop royalty Infinite. Any one of these songs could have been number one at some point, but for now, here are my favorites:

10. Last Romeo (2014) - Their standard, synth-drenched epic sound. In many ways, it's a distillation of all of their sounds up to this point.

9. BTD (Before The Dawn) (2011) - The earliest example of what would become one of their trademarks... that dramatic, string-laden build. The "scorpion dance" at the 2:56 mark would become their first iconic moment, but it's all about the opening synth work.

8. She's Back (2010) - One of their more underrated singles, this is pure bombastic Summer fun. An irresistible confection, it floats along with power-pop guitars and a chorus to die for. It's also their first single to feature their Sweetune-assisted trademark sound.

7. Man In Love (2013) - Infinite at their brightest and most upbeat. It's a propulsive, wall-of-sound aural assault with squealing guitars and one hell of a build at around the 3:00 mark.

6. Nothing's Over (2011) - One of the group's most melodic songs, this does an excellent job of straddling the line between Eastern and Western pop music. Simply put, it's impossible not to listen to it with a smile on your face. The ultimate feel-good singalong anthem.

5. Destiny (2013) - Their first foray into working with a different production team since their debut single, the gamble paid off and paved the way for an edgier sound. This is 21st century dance pop at its very best, produced and performed to perfection.

4. Paradise (2011) - In a career of ridiculously catchy choruses, this could be their catchiest. The Bee Gees-esque hook is a stunner, and takes advantage of their incredible, layered vocals. It's an enormous song, and one of the most instant melodies of their career.

3. Be Mine (2011) - The song that officially broke them into the stratosphere, it's their most iconic moment. And rightfully so, because this is honestly a song that should appeal to anyone. It's all about that synth-heavy, 80's inspired chorus and accompanying dance.

2. Back (2014) - My favorite song of last year, and an incredible piece of work. I've gone on at length about the inventive song structure, the powerful, orchestral production and the iconic video, so for now I'll just say that this song transcends pop music and becomes something much more impressive.

1. The Chaser (2012) - This was the very first Infinite song I heard. Until very recently, even, it wasn't in my top spot. But, like all of Infinite's tracks, it's kind of like a time bomb, exploding more and more each listen. Three years going, and I'm still invigorated with The Chaser's amazing, dramatic build, powerful vocal arrangement and unrelenting, dense production. They perform the hell out of it live, which only adds to how incredibly epic the track is. It's easily on the shortlist of very best K-Pop songs of all time.

So there you go! But here's the thing, no list is complete without hearing what you think! Leave your top ten Infinite songs in the comments!

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