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Friday, April 24, 2015

Robin - Kipinän Hetki (ft. Elastinen)

Finnish popstar Robin Packalen is back with a new single from the deluxe version of his newest album, 16. I've been very happy with how well Robin has done in his homeland, though the fact that he sings solely in Finnish makes his international prospects pretty much nonexistent. That's okay, though. I'd rather have him conquer Finland and stay true to the sound that's made him so popular. Kipinän Hetki, featuring rapper Elastinen, is definitely more on the hip-hop side of Robin's music, but it still retains that huge hook that he's been known for. I could do without the hockey siren sound effect prior to the chorus, but from what I can tell from the just-released music video, the song is also part of some hockey-themed soundtrack (?). Either way, it's great to hear Robin back with new music. He hasn't disappointed yet.

Kipinän Hetki (Feat. Elastinen) - Robin by spanishrobiners

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