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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jakob Karlberg - Fan va bra

I've been waiting for this song to be uploaded to some form of online media for weeks now. I've wanted to share it so badly but haven't had a chance. Despite my preoccupation with all things K-Pop, I still have a massive love for good old Swedish-language pop. This song, which has become kind of a surprise hit this spring, is such a good example of the off-kilter brand of indie-pop that Sweden produces so well. I don't know much about Jakob Karlberg, except that like so many others, he found initial fame doing covers on youtube. But as far as debut singles go, Fan va bra is a corker. It's got an instantly singable, hooky chorus, some excellent synth-sprinkled production and a genuine sense of pop fun that makes it perfect for the summer. Ignore the first couple of seconds in the video. It's some kind of brief advertisement for another song.

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