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Monday, May 04, 2015

Reece Mastin - Rebel And The Reason

Reece Mastin, of Australian X-Factor fame, just released his newest EP. It’s his first as an independent artist. To be completely honest, that’s usually a bad thing in my opinion. More often than not, it means cheaper production, less striking songs, and music that tends to be more indulgent than universal. For Reece, I feel like it’s exactly the opposite. The production and songwriting is top notch, but more than that, it feels like he’s actually creating the music he wants to. What I’m most impressed by is the sheer amount of catchy hooks throughout the EP’s running length. Rebel And The Reason is the collection’s title track and first single, and it’s among the finest songs Reece has recorded. His vocals sound incredibly strong, and I love the dramatic melody and arrangement of the chorus. It’s got an epic, yet mature, feel to it. A very pleasant surprise.

(Music posted for evaluation purposes only. Buy the EP here. Follow me on twitter and facebook.



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