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Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Bigbang - Bang Bang Bang

Let's talk about Bigbang for a second. They are K-Pop royalty, and one of the first bands in the genre that I became obsessed with. After years away from the scene, 2015 was billed as their year, with over eight singles released monthly. I was so incredibly excited for what was in store. And while Loser has grown on me quite a bit, I've gotta say their output has been a bit on the 'meh' side for me so far, especially compared with their flawless 2012 era. Bang Bang Bang was released yesterday, and has me all confused. For the first minute or so, I was pumped that this would finally be the BB I'd been waiting for. Then when the chorus hit, I literally groaned. Instead of something melodic and energetic, they went for that tired, lazy, horrible "trap breakdown" that seems to be so popular these days. The song suddenly slows to a crawl, loses all momentum and basically just dies. What a crushing disappointment. I mean, this is Bigbang! Creators of Haru Haru, Monster, Lies, Fantastic Baby, Love Song... the list goes on. It's like they forgot about the importance of an actual chorus in favor of pandering to "what the kids like." I'm sure it will grow on me--such is my loyalty as a fan--but I can't help but fear for mainstream music. I mean, repeating the words "bang bang bang" over an unimaginative trap beat is not a chorus. Anyone can do that. This is BIGBANG. We expect a hell of a lot more. At least the video's flashy (if not a little offensive).

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