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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Exo - Love Me Right

Unexpectedly, Exo's new single has become my most played track of the past couple of weeks. I say this because, as much as I enjoyed Call Me Baby, it was still a little underwhelming as a comeback after a full year. I had little expectations for Love Me Right, and maybe that's what's made it have such staying power on my playlist. I also think that, as immaculately produced as the song is, it just has an easier, more organic vibe to it than any of Exo's singles since Growl. It's definitely on the funkier (ie: Michael Jackson pastiche) side of SM's output, and fits perfectly with the summer. Although Growl was their big breakthrough, I still don't think Exo have ever bettered Mama, their dynamite debut mini album from 2012. Love Me Right feels like a successor to that album's second single, History, which was one of the songs that initially got me interested in k-pop. I love this sound for them. It's just fun, without the weight of a more serious, corporately-driven "event" single.

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