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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Darin - Juliet

Darin released his new single today in Nordic countries, and in doing so pretty much confirmed that he is fully committed to this new folk-pop sound (at least for this album). Juliet is slightly more uptempo than his last single, but otherwise sounds very similat. Honestly, very few people can get away with this kind of Mumford-and-Sons-lite music without driving me absolutely crazy. It's just not my thing. I did, however, love Darin's last release. This one doesn't quite measure up in comparison, but it's a fun summer song and I suspect that it's going to grow on me in a major way. If I'm being selfish, what I'd really like to see is this kind of sound fused with the anthemic club music he was releasing during his stint on Så mycket bättre in late 2012.



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